How to add new Event type


I need to add new event type for StartEvent, IntermediateEvent, EndEvent on Camunda Modeler (Desktop).

Give me example how to do it.

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Plugins for the Camunda Modeler can be built on top of any bpmn-js extension (cf. documentation).

There are a couple of examples, especially the Reduced Palette could be interesting for you.

Thank you, but how can I change files from node_modules?

Why do you want to do that? There should be no need. You can create such a plugin that adds your new event types and put them to your local Modeler installation.

I already did all what I need in web version, but I don’t undestand how write additional plugin for it:

For sure this additional shapes will be good for Camunda

So assuming you have your custom modules, you have to wrap them into a plugin.

  1. Copy the starter
  2. Put all your custom module stuff into client/bpmn-js-extension
  3. In client/client.js, make sure to register your bpmn-js Extension as described
import {
} from 'camunda-modeler-plugin-helpers';

import BpmnExtensionModule from './bpmn-js-extension';

  1. Build and install your plugin according to the docs

That’s the standard process on how to wrap bpmn-js extensions to a Modeler plugin. If you have difficulties on specific steps, feel free to explain your problems in a detailed manner.

Okay, how can I change variable START_EVENT value from via my plugin? This will be the most easier way for me.

You will have to replace the ReplaceOptions as well with your custom replace menu provider. The provider used in the Zeebe Modeler can be a good example.

See my reply in one of your other topics about the same topic: Unknown type <bpmn:MultipleEventDefinition>