How to add labels to properties panel

Can any one suggest me to how to add dynamic label or field under properties tab.for example if set name on service task then it will reflect on that label or field under properties tab.
waiting for reply

Can you maybe share more details on what you want to achieve? Do you mean something like this

I think that’s not easily possible. What I could think of is to create a custom entry and making the label of this entry dependant on something, in your case the name of the element.

Hello Niklas,
Thanks for you quick reply.
i want somthing like this screen shot

i just want to add text which is dynamically change based on conditions

Did you already try to create a custom entry? Where did you get stuck?

Yes,we used custom entry but this is not right way to use linkFactory for Label. can we suggest any example so how to use LabelFactory or any other thing for show dynamic Text on properties Tab

The LabelFactory provides functionality to programmatically get the label text. There is no specific example of it. There might be already entries who use this factory.

What would be good is to try this factory out, share your code, and ask for specific help for specific problems.