How to add custom control to CreateAppendAnythingModule popup list

I have several custom controls (added with custom palettes and custom context pad) and so when adding CreateAppendAnythingModule i dont see them as part of the search list.

How should I config/override CAAM so click/drag and create shape methods from custom controls entries are reused when picking this same item from the caam popup list?

fyi I know is possible to set the caam popup items adding a template using (elementTemplates.set) but this template wont be part of the context/palette either, so is there a way to bind template to customs entries methods or if not, which is the strategy recommended here? Thanks :pray:



Related to this issue.

Right now it is not easily possible to subclass the create/append anything popup provider, but you can modify the entries provided using the standard popup menu extension mechanism, cf. this comment.

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