How to add condition expression to an exclusive gateway?


I want to add a condition expression to an exclusive gateway. Depending on the result I want to evaluate which flow should be processed.

Is there any way in BPMN IO to achieve the same.

Attach condition expressions to outgoing flows (rather than the gateway itself).

Hi Nikku,

The outgoing flows can take only the text which will display on the UI as a label. But, how to attach a condition expression to outgoing flows and how to evaluate a flow based on the outcome of the condition. I should stop my activity engine to execute the flow which is on the false condition of the workflow. Please suggest some way.

I am afraid there is no such functionality that would allow you to control the sequence flow based on actual evaluation of a condition during the runtime. Also, it depends which application are you using. For example, if you’re using bizagi modeller, you won’t be able to do that as it is just a modeller, you could however specify or attach text based expressions that would tell the reader of your bpmn model what is that sequence flow or gateway about. You may be able to actually evaluate the condition in Bizagi studio.