How to add bpmn:timeDate, bpmn:timeDuration or bpmn:timeCycle on bpmn:boundaryEvent

I want to change my xml like this

<bpmn:boundaryEvent id="Event_1i22ehq" name="fdss" attachedToRef="Activity_1pv2sy7">
      <bpmn:timerEventDefinition id="TimerEventDefinition_0demg1p">
        <bpmn:timeDate xsi:type="bpmn:tFormalExpression">2022</bpmn:timeDate>


when I add this code in my projects

let eventDefinition = window.bpmnInstances.moddle.create("bpmn:TimeDate");
    window.bpmnInstances.modeling.updateProperties(this.bpmnElement, {
// demo `window.bpmnInstances.moddle ` just a moddle instance

get an error like this

unknown type <bpmn:TimeDate>
    at Registry.mapTypes (index.esm.js?8475:518:1)

I do not why this happends
I used camunda Descriptor json
based on this project git url