How to add auto suggestions for custom element of properties panel?

Hi,all. I have problem with AutoSuggestTextBoxFactory, i extended my properties panel and added new field for user, i want that it field has auto suggest. Which options entryFactory.autoSuggest is contain?
If anybody have example in code, it will be great.

Hi @Vladimir_Sobko, welcome!

Can you maybe share a few more details in terms of

  • … what do you want to achieve?
  • … what did you already try out?
  • … where do you exactly stuck?

We currently have one type of entries that use this autosuggest text box. This should show-case of what options are needed.

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I have users in my Store, I created:

function autoSuggestProps(group, element, bpmnFactory, translate){
const userList = store.getState().userList;
if (is(element, 'bpmn:UserTask')) {
    const autoSuggestElement = entryFactory.autoSuggest(translate, {
      id: 'user',
      label: translate('User'),


I don`t understand in which option I must put my “userList”.
Can I use default method show, getItems, canSuggest or must it necessarily override?

Now I am inspecting my elements and my bpp-autosuggest-list is empty.
Sorry, if my questions so simple, but I am beginner in BPMN.
Thanks for help

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Thanks :heart:

Basically, getItems is expected to return a complete list of strings that might be suggested to the user.