How to add a collaboration/lane/laneSet/participant from the CLI?


First of all let me praise the people involved in this project for a brilliant work.
I’m experimenting all the capabilities of the overall application and more specifically, the CLI. Even though the palette does not provide (yet) the ability to add lanes, I know it’s possible to draw collaborations since it is shown in the pizza-collaboration example.

So, is it possible to create lanes from the CLI? If the the answer is yes, how can I achieve that?


Ricardo Ferreira

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your feedback.

I cannot comment on lanes via CLI, since I am not a developer.

However, we will add collaboration features soon. That is definitely on the roadmap!


In essence, the CLI can only do as much (conceptionally) as the modeler itself can.

We have not implemented the “add elements to pool/lane” feature, yet. Thus you will not be able to create collaborations in a reasonable manner.

Thank you for your replies.

I’ll be looking forward to see that feature implemented.