How should I change the color of the node?

import BpmnViewer from ‘bpmn-js/lib/NavigatedViewer’;

Now, I have built a viewer using the above method of introduction. How should I change the color of its nodes?
**var canvas = viewer.get(‘canvas’);

canvas.addMarker(‘usertask1’, ‘highlight’);**

In this way, I don’t seem to be able to completely change the color of the entire node.Can it do that?

and The setColor function in Modeler doesn’t seem to work in this case either.

I really need your help.

I’ve already answered your question.

Hi,brother.I saw your message before, but I couldn’t understand it at that time. Today I studied your proposal carefully. I have solved this problem. I really thank you very much.

Hi,May I ask you another question? Now I have used the above method to create a viewer.Now I’m wondering if I can achieve such a function, when a user hover a node, a pop-up box appears, showing some information of the current node.I found an example of the comment function. So, I feel that I can also achieve the function I want. Now I don’t have any ideas. Can you give me some suggestions?Thank you very much.

As I said before, please open a new topic for new questions. And make sure to search the forum for existing topics before opening a new one. Thanks.