How do I connect the icon and the start event?

I don’t quite understand how I can combine 2 parts into one BPMN element. At the moment, I have only the icon displayed on the diagram, without the event circle.

Here is my code:
Append Custom Shape

    function appendCustomShapeStart() {
      return function(event) {
        const businessObject = bpmnFactory.create('bpmn:Event');

        const shape = elementFactory.createShape({
          type: 'bpmn:MultipleEventDefinition',
          businessObject: businessObject,
          stroke: '#000000',
          fill: '#FFF00'
        create.start(event, shape); 

    return {
        group: 'model',
        className: 'bpmn-icon-start-event-multiple',
        title: translate('Standart multiple element'),
        action: {
          click: appendCustomShape(),
          dragstart: appendCustomShapeStart()

BPMN Render

    'bpmn:ParallelMultipleEventDefinition': function(parentGfx, event) {
      var pathData = pathMap.getScaledPath('EVENT_PARALLEL_MULTIPLE', {
        xScaleFactor: 1.2,
        yScaleFactor: 1.2,
        containerWidth: event.width,
        containerHeight: event.height,
        position: {
          mx: 0.458,
          my: 0.194

      return drawPath(parentGfx, pathData, {
        strokeWidth: 1,
        fill: getStrokeColor(event, defaultStrokeColor),
        stroke: getStrokeColor(event, defaultStrokeColor)


Have a look at how other elements (e.g. intermediate events) are rendered:

@philippfromme The code looks the same, but the result is completely different. Maybe I’m drawing the element somehow wrong?

See my reply in one of your other topics about the same topic: Unknown type <bpmn:MultipleEventDefinition>