How change svgCreate('image' .... ) color for imported img

could you tell me how can i add color for my picture?

My solution looks like this, but the color of the image stays the same

 const testImg1 = svgCreate('image', {
        x: iconGap * 2 + iconSize,
        y: iconGap,
        width: iconSize,
        height: iconSize,
        href: businessObject.lastAction === 'redirect' ? GoToOperatorIcons : EndCallIcons,
        stroke: '#fff',
        fill: '#f3f256',

Images cannot be colored through SVG fill and stroke. You’d need to render paths or provide different images with colors of your choosing.

thanks for the reply, could you please suggest how to modify my code (above) into the svg path variant?

The link I provide for href just leads to the svg image

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