How can I view properly a file with bpmn2 extension?

I have tried to view a bpmn2 file usint the bpmn-js online ( but when I open the file with extension “.bpmn2” it is not prorely viewed and the warning indiated is "the following:

Import Warnings --> One or more problems have been identified when trying to import the BPMN 2.0 diagram:

no bpmnElement referenced in <bpmndi:BPMNShape id="_5U4rLD6mEeqSi4IFJVh2TQ" />

This may have been caused by malformed input data. As a result the diagram may not render correctly.

See the wrong diagram in the below image:


Please, how can I view properly a file with “.bpmn2” extension?


As you can see there is a DI element that doesn’t reference any BPMN element.

Can you share your diagram?

I have tried to upload the diagram (file with “.bpmn2” extension) and I can not upload, as you can see in the images below:



So, is it possible to view with bpm-js a file with “.bpmn2” extension?


Simply rename your file to Standard Sales process.xml and upload it.