How can I use BPMN in angular 6?

I’m new to BPMN. I want to use this in angular 6 application from scratch

That’s great! What are you referring to as BPMN in Angular? Are you referring to using bpmn-js?

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I want to build a workflow for my project.

And your question is?

  1. My component name is “Process Builder” this is likely to a card view.
  2. Click on 1 card to access a full-page, where we can build a workflow.
    So I need BPMN for this. I don’t know much about BPMN. I need a start learn it more.

Great, we have a couple of examples that can help you get started:

Maybe come back when you have specific questions regarding bpmn-js.

I have gone through your GitHub link. There is nothing mentioned like. How to install BPMN and how to import dependencies? I didn’t understand this on Github. Will you give me some other resource.

Here’s a simple example of using bpmn-js:

Getting error while accessing URL.
Error - Sandbox not found

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