How can I install BPMN Js in angular 12 project?

I want to install BPMN Js in my angular project. After installation, how can I start with BPMN?

Did you already try out this example?

I tried this, But not working, and getting lots of errors.

Cannot find module ‘bpmn-js/dist/bpmn-modeler.production.min.js’ or its corresponding type declarations.

Can you maybe open a bug report for this? Please provide the reproducing steps for this as well. Thanks :heart:

My Questions are below.

  1. How to install BPMN js in running projects.

  2. I tried npm i bpmn-js, But getting an error.

  3. I tried with your given url but getting an error.
    Screenshot 2022-09-12 160940

  4. I’m totally new to bpmn js. Where can I learn about it step by step? I’m not getting anything from

  5. If you don’t mind can you connect with me on Zoom or Skype to help me.