How can I delete default Icons in entry and context pad?

how can I delete default Icons in the entry group and context pad?
I mean these::

can you help me, please?

@nikku @philippfromme

In order to edit the palette and context pad entries, you need to add custom Palette and ContextPad providers that override existing entries.

Your providers should do something like this:

getPaletteEntries(element) {
  return function (entries) {

    return entries;

For a full example, please have a look at this

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@beatriz.mendes where should I import custom Palette and Context Pad providers?
I’ll check it thanks so much and will write my result back here

You can include them as additionalModules like:

const modeler = new BpmnJS({
  additionalModules: [

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Thanks so much I’ll do your solution

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