How add root elements to bpmn-moddle

Are there an alternative to add elements from app.js without edit the index.esm.js.? Thanks

var name = "BPMN20";
var uri = "";
var prefix = "bpmn";
var associations = [
var types = [
custom ElementHere
		name: "Interface",
		superClass: [

Hi, did you already check out our model extension example? It shows how to add element types to the meta-model.

sure, but if I want to add that element to paletteProvider, the dom show me this background and nothing happened:

    'create.start-new-element': createAction(
      'qa:AnalysisDetails', 'event', 'bpmn-icon-start-event-none'


Thanks for sharing, would it be possible to share your extension in a CodeSandbox? This way it would be easier for us to verify your custom element.