Hotkeys like the demo?

Hi again :smile:

I’m trying to figure out how to bind commands to some keys, like the demo ( This is, I want to bind del key to delete function, ctrl+z, and those functions.

Is there any way to do it out of the box? or is more a custom development over the library?


Checkout the Keyboard service that handles event registration and so forth.

You can automatically activate it by passing a keyboard.bindTo=DOMElement configuration property to BpmnJS:

var modeler = new BpmnJS({ keyboard: { bindTo: document }, ... });

Manual activation/deactivation works, too:


Hi Nikku,
when i was use to work on
var modeler = new BpmnJS({ keyboard: { bindTo: document }});
i got javascript error 'Uncaught ReferenceError: BpmnJS is not defined ’

Pradeep B

You need to correctly include the library inside your web application. See bpmn-js-seed for one example how this can be done.

Hi Nikku,
Actually that BpmnJS library was missing,i need that library,and how can i activate keyboard elements

Pradeep B