Hide Camunda Input/Output in Properties Panel

Hello everyone,

I have the following question: Certain input/output elements in the properties panel should be hidden, so they are not visible. The Input/Output Elements are part of an template. However, when saving the created diagram, the values of the hidden input/output elements should be considered. What would be the best way to implement this?

Here is a codesandbox with an prototype of our modeler.

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This should be achievable by using the type Hidden for the template properties. That way you can template inputs and outputs that will be added to the element without the user being able to edit them in the properties panel.

Hi @philippfromme ,

thank you for your answer! Do you mean like this:

    "$schema": "https://unpkg.com/@camunda/element-templates-json-schema/resources/schema.json",
    "id": "create_order",
    "name": "Create Order",
    "description": "Create a new order to work with",
    "appliesTo": ["bpmn:ServiceTask"],
    "properties": [
        "label": "Receivers",
        "type": "Hidden",
        "binding": {
          "type": "camunda:inputParameter",
          "name": "receivers"

This makes the element invisible in the custom properties area, but it is still there (and editable) as input:


Hi @barmac,

maybe you can help with this and take a look at my previous explanatory addition. I would really appreciate any help with this issue.

Thank you in advance

The setup in the codesandbox is quite unusual. The supported way to use the element templates is via the bpmn-js-element-templates project. So in order to make it work you replace the element template chooser package with the one I linked.