Hi i want to customize modeler's snapping

I want to refine the modeler’s snapping.
I would like to give a guideline for regular spacing between participants.
Please let me know what part I need to fix.

i Illustrated with pictures.
스크린샷 2020-05-25 오전 11.45.27

Distance snapping is a feature we have not implemented yet. Because of that there is nothing to customize. You’d need to implement that feature. And, because it is internal whatever you add, unless you make that an OSS contribution, may break in future toolkit releases.

Do you already know how snapping in general works in the tool?

I have seen the snapping.js, but I don’t know exactly.
Are you going to implement a distance snap?
I need to implement it because I should receive a feature request.
Can you give me a guide on how to modify the source of what part ??
my diagram, bpmn.js’s version is 2.X