Help on bundling example


i need to climb the learning curve for npm, javascript and bundling.

I am going through the walkthrough since i’d like to create a custom modeler and use it in an application.

Can anyone please be so kind to guide me in

i managed to install node and run npm install --save bpmn-js

when the instructions say

Use it in your application

import BpmnViewer from ‘bpmn-js’

what i am supposed to do? can you please provide me with basic guidance about what does it mean?

I am aware i am a total beginner, but i need to start from somewhiere.


“Application” means any kind of Node.js application. I think it’s worth it to investigate in this to have a good start.

The example shows how to integrate bpmn-js in such an application and then bundling it to use it in the browser.

Another alternative is to stick to our existing modeler starter example.

The example is plain HTML + JS with no need to learn npm, NodeJS and the likes.

And if you know how to incorporate the import- / export-function as suggested for the DMN-modeler
here you get an almost fully functional modeler.

And I would be :very grateful! :slight_smile: (talking about learning curves)