Going from modeler to JavaScript. Newbie question

Hi all,
I apologize first for the dumb newbie question but i need to get my head around this. Here is what I want to do.

This is only an example but it makes my point.

I am looking to do the following:

I would like my users to build workflows. (these are a series of web pages and interactions) Imagine for example I want my users to build customized web experiences. These interactions are represented by images.

I want them to drag pre-customized pages (and or content) onto the screen. (these are represented by a symbol) then I want them to bring the next customize page or content on the screen.

I want them to lets say bring 5 different page templates on the screen (each represented by a mini jpg of the page), then rearrange them into a viewing order. (Basically like to make a site map)

They should have lines to connect the pages.

These also represent how they interact with each other

Then when I hit the generate button. These page templates are generated with the pages and interactions connected in the correct order.

How would I be able to do that using your software? Would it even be possible? Obviously I would have to do some exporting like when hitting the generate button.

Could you at least point me in the right direction with tutorials or videos if you don’t have an answer to the question?

Thanks so much,


Reading through your post I got two questions:

  • Is your case actually related to BPMN diagrams?
  • What is the stuff you need (in terms of hooking into the modeler)?

We cannot give you detailed advice on implementing your own applications.

If you are specific about the things you tried and the stuff that you need from our side (with regards to our libraries) we are happy to help you.