Getting error export 'useId' (reexported as 'useId') was not found in 'preact/hooks'

Everything was working perfectly fine and now i am getting the below error when doing npm install

“bpmn-js”: “^10.3.0”,
“bpmn-js-properties-panel”: “^1.9.0”,
@bpmn-io/properties-panel”: “^1.8.0”, and have tried till 2.2.0 to resolve the error but same issue is there as well

and also tried running the example project for bpmn integration getting the same error

here’s the link for the repo

ERROR in ./node_modules/@bpmn-io/diagram-js-ui/lib/index.js 3:0-183

export ‘useId’ (reexported as ‘useId’) was not found in ‘preact/hooks’ (possible exports: useCallback, useContext, useDebugValue, useEffect, useErrorBoundary, useImperativeHandle, useLayoutEffect, useMemo, useReducer, useRef, useState)

Any idea anyone ?

useId is exported as part of preact@10.2.0. Which version of preact do you have in your dependency tree?

As you see the issue is not related to properties panel, but @bpmn-io/diagram-js-ui, sourced via recent versions of diagram-js. Maybe worth executing npm update preact?