Get Lane element with reference to the element inside the Lane

I want to get the lane element/label with reference to any element inside a lane.

I want to get lane for process 1. Something like:

var canvas = bpmnio.modeler.get('canvas');
// if "process 1" id is "Task_1g8u0do"
var processObj = canvas._elementRegistry._elements['Task_1g8u0do'];
var processElement = processObj.element;
// upto this i can get process detail but i want its parent lane, something like
var lane = getLaneElement( processElement ); // just example
// lane =  object of lane ( labelled as "Lane 1" )

Is it possible by any way or please suggest a solution for the problem. Many thanks in advance.

Hello @KannaA,

You can do the following:

var task = elementRegistry.get('Task_1g8d0do'),
    laneId = task.businessObject.lanes[0].id;

var lane = elementRegistry.get(laneId); 


Thanks Ricardo, That is what I wanted.

Little change in the code:

var lane = elementRegistry.get(;

The same code is not working if reference element is bpmn:DataStoreReference ( here “system 1” ) which will solve How to get Lane label or lane element for an “DataObjectReference” element?