Future of cmmn.js

I am taking care in my spare time of integrating bpmn into dokuwiki (dokuwiki bpmnio plugin). I managed to integrate BPMN and DMN with some tweaks to extract the size of the diagrams. But regarding CMMN my feeling is that the codebase lags a little behind the two other types of diagrams.

For instance, there is in CMMN not yet support for asynchronous importXML, the API to get the size out of the rendered diagram looks like missing the info. I peeked on github and saw the repos was not updated since Oct. 2020.

I guess it is a matter of priorities, since you are doing a great job in providing high quality support for browser based components in BPMN and DMN! In the latest Blogs I could not find any news anymore regarding CMMN and it also disappeared on top of the menu on the website. Could you provide some update on what are the plans regarding CMMN in the future? Would pull requests in that area be considered at all?

Best regards.

Hi @jdehaan,

we don’t develop anything on CMMN any further. You can read more about the journey and the reasons here: How CMMN never lived up to its potential. - Camunda.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier ,

that was the kind of information/statement I was indeed looking for without success on my own. Thanks for the link. That sounds all fair and reasonable to me and answers my points and confirms my “feeling” about the topic as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

P.S.: Maybe adding a hint to the README of the corresponding github repos would guide people into the right direction, from the source :slight_smile: .