Form-js form field of type <undefined> not supported

I am getting following error when going to view sample form in my react code, any idea about it ?

Unhandled Rejection (Error): form field of type not supported

import { createForm } from '@bpmn-io/form-js';

const form = createForm({
         container: '#form'

Anyone have more examples usage of bpmn-io/form-js, at the moment it has very few samples?

Thanks in Advance

Try with this schema:

    const schema = {
      schemaVersion: 3,
      exporter: {
        name: "form-js (",
        version: "0.3.0"
      components: [
          key: "name",
          label: "Text Field",
          type: "textfield",
          id: "Field_1jfqw1v",
          description: "Enter your name ...",
          validate: {
            required: true,
            minLength: 3,
            maxLength: 50
      type: "default",
      id: "Form_1f88rws"

I had the same problem, and there was no documentation.

This is likely because you’re passing the schema as a string or pass a null schema.

We’re not 100% done with that API yet and may improve its developer friendlyness in the future. One thing it definitely lacks is proper error handling (in the sense of meaningful error messages on miss-use).

I’ve created a GitHub issue to track this: