Fixing the position of shapes/elements

There is expand and collapse button on sub process element, when i click on expand button

i get the djs-element, mark display:none
and then my custom expand buttons with display:none
incoming and outgoings ion expanded element , display:none

and finally


now it hides everything and expands the selected element, now if i make any changes like changing the positions of children or adding new element and then collapse it, it changes the position of selected element that i expanded; due to that it looks messy and covers other conenction lines.

how can i solve this? position of expanded element after collapse should not be changed?

@nikku if you can help please?

Please share a running / prototypical example that clearly shows what you’re trying to achieve, what is working and what is not.

Use our existing starter projects to quickly hack it or share your existing, partial solution on GitHub or via a CodeSandbox. Provide the necessary pointers that allow us to quickly understand where you got stuck.

This way we may be able to help you in a constructive manner.

Thanks :heart:

i will create one, but for the time being, its like i expand my sub process it gets rendered in box and if i add new shapes inside subprocess, the outer box size enhanced, and now when collapse this subprocess, it turns back to normal shape box, but its coordinates gets changed due to that connections lines got changed and it looks messy covering other connection lines