Filters for DMN-modeler

Hi everybody,

feature request (killer-feature :slight_smile: ):
Please add filters vor DRDs. Make it possible to show or hide all kinds of elements to make it possible to show (and save) different views of the same DRD for different stakholders. This would help a lot, since DRD become complicated if used in the real world.

If the filters would additionally be configurable in the sense that only certain elements of different kinds could be shown / hidden that would be a dream. Maybe the possibility of addition of categories to all DRD-elements could be a way to show the filter which element should be shown / hidden.

Thanks a lot for the very good job you do!


Thanks for the request! We also considered that as a valuable feature for our DMN modeling toolkit but it was not on our roadmap as for now.

Maybe you can open a feature request with a detailed description? This would help us to shape things up!