File Upload Form in Camunda Modeler?


Hi guys,

first time poster. Lately started to get my hands on the Camunda Modeler and trying to dig in. :slight_smile:

So, Camunda gives us the invoice example where you start the process and the first thing to do is uploading a fie. I’ve already found out that the upload form is HTML, however I’m now that the “how”.

In the Modeler, I have the start event and can add a form on top of it including the according form fields. But how do I actually include the HTML part using the Modeler so that the upload form will show up in the process start?

I also tried to extract something from the github examples but that didn’t help me much (not a developer over here, just someone with basic code understanding capabilities over here).

Thanks in advance! Please let me konw if my description misses something or is not understandable / accurate.

  • Alox


Hi @alox,

the invoice example uses embedded forms. They are built outside the modeler in a process application.

In the modeler you could create (simple) forms with form fields. But then you have to keep the Form Key empty. in this generated forms you can’t upload a file.

Here you can find more background information on forms:

Cheers, Ingo


Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

thanks a lot! Re-read the documentation with a fresh mind after the weekend and was actually able to successfully include the html file after some attempts to place the file at the right folder (obviously same as the .bpmn file is in, but well).

So yeah, thanks again!