FeelConvertException, FEEL-01015

I have a dmn file deployed. It contains

>   </input>
>       <input id="Jahresverbrauch">
>         <inputExpression id="InputExpression89070551" typeRef="integer">
>           <text>Jahresverbrauch</text>
>         </inputExpression>
>       </input>

additionally I defined a value range

>         <inputEntry id="C3">
>           <text>"[8000..10000]"</text>
>         </inputEntry>

During runtime I get an Exception

org.camunda.bpm.dmn.feel.impl.juel.FeelConvertException: FEEL-01015 Unable to convert value ‘[8000…10000]’ of type ‘class java.lang.String’ to type ‘class java.lang.Long’ in expression ‘"[8000…10000]"’

Can you please tell me how to solve the problem?

Found my mistake: The value range was defined as String using “”

    <inputEntry id="C3">

After changing to
> <text>[8000..10000]</text>
everything works fine.