"Failed to Fetch" when running test - DMN Testing Plugin

Git Issue : "Failed to Fetch" when running test. · Issue #17 · bpmn-io/dmn-testing-plugin · GitHub
I am facing the same issue, I followed the above steps, I can see that my server it not starting, I event had console.log statements to ensure if the control comes to main.js app as i start the application but it doesn’t seem to get executed at all, my client is working well though … am i missing anything here?

the server is exepcted to start as soon as i start the camunda modeler right?

To add on I am using camunda - 8 (cloud) here

@barmac could u help me over here ?


Please don’t open a forum post with a duplicate of the GitHub issue. For bugs or feature requests, use GH issues, and for usage help use the forums, but not both at the same time.

Thanks :sun_with_face: