[extension-idea] Visualize transaction borders

I would like to have a possibility in Camunda Modeler to toggle (switch on/off) a visualisation of (“technical” aka ACID) transaction borders in Camunda BPM.

  • I do believe that this is a concept that must be very well understood by developers in order to successfully use Camunda BPM. Such a feature would therefore make developers new to Camunda BPM much more aware of the importance of transaction borders and Camunda BPM’s overall execution model.

  • Furthermore, for developers experienced with Camunda BPM and dealing with larger process models, it would visualize an aspect that needs to be managed, changed and reasoned about for whole areas of the process model rather than just being “buried” inside discrete properties, which in my mind is error prone.

Such a visualization should just include pools marked to be “executable” and should consider “natural” wait states as well as additional “save points”, as e.g. introduced by “asyncBefore” and “asyncAfter” attributes. All other save points (as e.g. save points which sit “in the middle” of asynchronous service task behaviors) could be ignored in my mind and documented as a known limitation of this visualization feature.

Just a “nice to have”, sure, but one taking the pain out of BPM and turning it into something beautiful. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great extension to bpmn-js in the spirit of bpmn-js-embedded-comments.

I am happy to assist everyone who wants to build this :cake:.