Extending PaletteProvider

I have a problem extending the palette provider.
I followed the same technique used to extend the ContextPadProvider given in the custom-elements examples.

The Palette shows but only with the original elements, no extra custom options.

This is my code. And i added a console log inside the function, and it’s not logging. It’s like the function is not being entered in a way.

Any help?

Please, if anybody can at least answer or give me a hint.
Or just tell me it’s not possibe to correct.

Nevermind, i found the problem.


Hi would you mind sharing your solution or some helping steps?
As I am struggling with the same issue.
Thank you

Hello, what i did was basically to add the
at the end.
You can try to see if it solves it.

Sorry for the late reply, i hope it is not too late.

Thank you for your help, I shall try it out now !