Extending Camunda properties panel to acces external resources

I have a use case where ill be integrating bpmn-io with my company workflow solution.
To have a great user experience many resources that are available in our engine needs to be exposed to the end user so he can pick-up (services, rules, sub-workflows).
The idea is to extend the properties panel to support quering and displaying external data in combo boxes, auto-complete text boxes and so on.
is there any information you guys could give me so i can create this in a reusable way to the project?
By now I’m creating a new properties panel where I hook angular event bus in the bpmnio event bus, and creating a custom user experience in the new properties panel.

Hey man, have you been able to integrate external data into the camunda proerties panel?, what was the path you choose?


Camunda properties panel has some components defined, but adding behavior to then isn’t an easy task as its not encapsulated at component level and you have to change all layers of the architecture.
What i did was to create a new properties panel. Angularjs has a a eventbus available on $rootScope, so i captured all events on the Modeler event bus and I send to the angular event bus, I threat all changes in angular way then I update the businessObject of the element and send back to the modeler.