Extend pallete section like demo.bpmn.io

i want to customise the pallete section. with somewhat similar to the the BPMN Editor | bpmn-js modeler Demo | demo.bpmn.io

when ever i click the menu button it should open a custom overlay panel and show the elements which i ll be adding to the panel dynamically

can anyone help me or point me to example on how this can be achieved

Thanks in advance

i was able to add the icon into the palette but couldn’t find a way to add the overlay menu

This feature is currently being added to bpmn-js (cf. Support create/append anything · Issue #1627 · bpmn-io/bpmn-js · GitHub) so all you have to do is wait. :wink:


Thanks @philippfromme i went through topics and came to know about this.
Thanks for your help tough

Great forum i never thought i ll get a rply this fast

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Where’s my trophy? :wink:

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