Exclusive gateway marker not visible without isMarkerProperty

We build a read only BPMN view using the NavigatedViewer But I noticed that in the BpmnRenderer.js

There is the following code only for the exclusive gate way to only show the X marker only if the isMarkerVisiable property is present in the bpmn file. This creates some inconsistency for read only mode and edit mode. I was wondering if you guys have anyway to get round this without modifying our exclusive gateway in existing bpmn file.

    'bpmn:ExclusiveGateway': function(p, element) {
      var diamond = drawDiamond(p, element.width, element.height);

      var pathData = pathMap.getScaledPath('GATEWAY_EXCLUSIVE', {
        xScaleFactor: 0.4,
        yScaleFactor: 0.4,
        containerWidth: element.width,
        containerHeight: element.height,
        position: {
          mx: 0.32,
          my: 0.3

      if (!!(getDi(element).isMarkerVisible)) {    <------- HERE
        drawPath(p, pathData, {
          strokeWidth: 1,
          fill: 'black'
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