Error while prod build camunda changes


With the help of my previous question and its answers I was able to load the camunda 8 modeler in my angular application.

When I build it locally using ng build and ng build --prod command I haven’t got any error and the camunda UI is successfully working.

But when I try to deploy it in the server, I got this error.

e[0mGenerating ES5 bundles for differential loading...
e[91mAn unhandled exception occurred: /app/14-es2015.1c70014ce5b3ced1d5a5.js: **Property body expected type of array but got null**
See "/tmp/ng-7d0pbZ/angular-errors.log" for further details.
e[0mThe command '/bin/sh -c ng build --prod' returned a non-zero code: 127
docker build failed

The location of the log file is also not availble since it is temporary. It is really difficult to find the cause for this error since the error message is not descriptive.

So kindly looking some help to solve this.

Thank you.

I suggest that you find out what is the difference between local and server builds. Maybe server runs a different NodeJS version?

Also it mentions log files (angular-errors.log) that could be worth having a look into.

Probably unrelated to your report Angular is known to us for breaking applications during minification; I sincerely hope that they fix their build optimizers at some point.