Error opening diagram with custom meta --> "camunda:executionListener"

Hi there,

I’m having trouble opening an existing diagram with custom meta tags (in particular the “camunda:executionListener”). I followed all the steps described to create custom meta, and everything went fine until I tried to open an existing diagram.

Here is my code and you’ll find attached a screenshot of the error in the browser and the .bpmn file containing the diagram.

// JSON Containing tag definition
var jsonCamunda = … json, check tagCamunda.xml

var Modeler = window.BpmnJS;

var modeler = new Modeler({moddleExtensions: {camunda:jsonCamunda},container: ‘#diagramCanvas’, width: ‘100%’, height: ‘100%’});

var container = $(’#draw-container’);

$(document).ready(function() {

$.get(‘diagrama.bpmn’, function(xml) {

console.log( "diagram Loaded: " + xml);
  modeler.importXML(xml, function(err) {
    if (err) {
        console.log('error rendering', err);
    } else {
        var canvas = modeler.get('canvas');
        // zoom to fit full viewport



tagCamunda.xml (594 Bytes)

diagrama.bpmn (2.2 KB)

I think I found the problem.

It seems that it was a lower case problem. I had defined the camunda tag with “c” instead of “C”. After correcting that, everything started to work again…

Yes, XSD schema and thus our model is case sensitive ;-).

Hi Nikku, we have it working with uppercase letters, but the camunda engine requires lowercase leters.

I meant,
<Camunda:ExcecutionListener should be <camunda:excecutionListener
in order to deploy it to the engine.

Do you have a valid json providing the camunda tag properly? I’m attaching mine, in lowercase, wich is not working when opening a previously saved diagram.

{"name":"tagCamunda","uri":"","prefix": "camunda","types":[{"name":"taskListener","superClass":["Element"],"properties": [{"name":"class","isAttr":true,"type":"String"},{"name":"event","isAttr":true,"type":"String"}]}]}

Found it again.

Looking again at the example in Custom metea example

We were missing something crucial.

 "xml": {
    "tagAlias": "lowerCase"