Error Import Font

Im istalling BPMN using NPM and webpack …done

when try to import BPMN font i get error

ERROR in ./node_modules/bpmn-js/dist/assets/bpmn-font/font/bpmn.ttf?26374340 1:0
Module parse failed: Unexpected character ' ' (1:0)

this is my Import statement

import 'bpmn-js/dist/assets/bpmn-font/css/bpmn.css';

my webpack config

   devtool: 'inline-source-map',
   module: {
      rules: [
            test: /\.bpmn$/,
            test: /\.css$/,

Did i miss something guy ?, please help me

Could you please try to reproduce this issue in a Sandbox:

Let’s see if we can help you with that.

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You have no font-loader installed for webpack, that’s why it can’t read the bpmn.ttf file.

Maybe this article helps you.

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thank you very much sir, it solve my error