Error for Exclusive Gateways in Token Simulation

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that whenever a process has an exclusive gateway without any outgoing activities (I know this does not make sense from a business perspective but bear with me :slight_smile: ) and the token simulation reaches the gateway, an error is thrown and the simulation stops working.

I think this behavior comes from lines 41-43 inside the ExclusiveGatewayBehavior class.

Although a gateway at the end of a process might not make sense in terms of modeling, this can be frustrating for users that are not aware of the console and don’t see the error pop up, but just notice that the simulation is not working anymore. All other gateways do not seem to have that problem, the process just finishes.

So I am looking for a way to change the behavior of the exclusive gateway, or more general looking for a way to change the behavior of specific element-types in the token simulation.

Thanks in Advance,

I agree with you, regardless of how much or how little sense your diagram makes (you might not have finished modeling) no errors should be thrown. Could you create an issue in the respective GitHub repository so we can look into it and fix it?