Error boundary event bpmn2.0

Want to have error handling for bpmn service implementation tasks in generic way

So, how to add boundary error events to our palette and custom pad so that we can add it to our diagram and it will catch the errors while executing the service tasks…

Added the boundary task to our service task by dragging the intermediate event. How to convert it to the error event.

We have overrided the custom pad and the palette

Thanks in advance…


once you found the configuration of a more generic error boundary event, you can add this predefined element to the palette, too.

Here is an (old) example how to add a group of connected elements to the palette and drag it with a single click into the diagram: GitHub - ingorichtsmeier/camunda-modeler-plugin-connected-elements: Example of a modeller plugin to add some connected elements by dragging them as a single symbol from the palette.

Hope this helps, Ingo