Enable Save / Save as

Hi there,

We just started using BPMN.io, works really great. We use Dropbox/Network Share and would love the possibility to ‘Save as… .’ as well as Save changes back to Source

Workaround today is to Open the file from BPMN.io, make changes then Save then, from browser downloads folder Rename File then move to Dropbox/Network Share.

Great work, thanks!


Regarding your feature request: Are you referring to our demo at demo.bpmn.io?

Yes, this request is for the Web based bpmn.io.

Ps. Reply to message via email did not work I got a lengthy mail with info about error from postmaster@camunda.com. In there is a link to specific error: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=532972. If you want mail, give me an address and I can forward it on.

The web based bpmn.io you are seeing at demo.bpmn.io is a simple client-side web application with the purpose of showcasing our modeling tools. Because of that it is inherently limited in what it can do (i.e. save as... is not gonna work).

We may provide more elaborated tooling in the future that can do this but it will probably never be part of the demo.

As for the email: Thanks for letting us know! Can you forward the mail to info@camunda.com with reference to me and this forum?

Thanks nikku, understood. Email has been sent.

In case someone else is looking at this… check out the Chrome App, it solves this particular problem.