Embed panel properties in modeler

Hi, I have problems embed the properties panel in my modeler. I download the modeler with bower install bpmn-js and embed the viewer As shown on here

But i add the poperties panel and I can not. I download de properties panel here and i I followed the instructions.

I added the folder bpmn-js-properties-panel inside the bower-bpmn-js and the code is as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="bpmn-js/dist/bpmn-modeler.js"></script>

	<div class="modeler">
		<div id="canvas"></div>
		<div id="properties"></div>

var bpmnXML; //ADD my bpmn 2.0 xml here
var propertiesPanelModule = require(bpmn-js/bpmn-js-properties-panel'), 
		propertiesProviderModule = require('bpmn-js/bpmn-js-properties-panel/lib/provider/bpmn');

		// BpmnJS is the BPMN viewer instance
		var viewer = new BpmnJS({
			additionalModules: [
			  container: '#canvas',
			  propertiesPanel: {
			    parent: '#properties'

I hope solution. Thanks