Editing a label in an iPad (or Phone)

Hello all,

I’m trying to use http://demo.bpmn.io/ with an iPad, and I’m struggling with label editing. I have read that it is possible to do so (in https://bpmn.io/blog/posts/2014-simple-process-modeling.html it says “You may edit labels from your tablet or phone, too.”), but I have tried many things and I’m not able to do it. Could anyone help me with that? I have tried with a phone with android and I couldn’t either.

Thank you very much in advance,

Which browser are you using on iPad?

I have tried Safari on iPad, and Chrome and Firefox on my (Android) phone, and I couldn’t manage to edit a label in none of them. Is it working in a different browser?

Was working as indicated in the blog post. Might be a regression on mobile.

Added a bug ticket for this.

Please, fix label editing on mobile (we use iPad), because we are really stuck with it.

We are happy to take a contribution that fixes what is currently broken. :heart:

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