Dynamic value not set after selecting select box

I create datasource for select box programmatically. So I expect following JSON from REST API,

var dropdownJson = [{
	"SubTypeID": "ADP",
  "SubTypeName" : "AD Provisioning",
	"ConnectorNames": [
            "ConnectorName": "ADP Connector1",
            "Actions": [
            "ConnectorName": "ADP Connector2",
            "Actions": [
            "ConnectorName": "ADP Connector3",
            "Actions": [

I parse and convert the above JSON into datasource that required for selectbox,

function getConnectorNames(connectorInfo, elementName) {
  if (elementName.type !== "bpmn:Process") {
    elementName = elementName.businessObject.name;
    var connectorNamesMap = connectorInfo.filter(function (el) {
      return (el.SubTypeName === elementName);

    if (connectorNamesMap.length > 0) {
      connectorNamesMap = connectorNamesMap[0].ConnectorNames;
      var connectors = [{ name: 'Select', value: 0 }];
      for (let connectorIndex = 0; connectorIndex < connectorNamesMap.length; connectorIndex++) {
        let connectorName = connectorNamesMap[connectorIndex].ConnectorName;
        connectors.push({name: connectorName,  Value: connectorIndex + 1 });
      return connectors;
    } else {
      return "";
  } else {

I passing this datasource to selectbox,

function createInputTabGroups(element, translate, bpmnFactory, canvas, elementRegistry) {
  var connectorGroup = {
    id: 'Input',
    label: 'Input',
    entries: []

  inputConnectorProps(connectorGroup, element, translate, getConnectorNames(dropdownJson, element), 'Connector Name', "Connector_Name", bpmnFactory);
  return [

When I select the value from the select box then I get undefined value in the set method,

Initially my datasource was var dropdownJson = [ { value: 0, name: 'Select' }, {value: 1, name: 'Xyz' }, { value: 2, name: 'Xyz1'}, { value: 3, name: 'Xyz2' }, { value: 4, name: 'Xyz3' }]; and its work properly,

So where i’m wrong if i set datasource to selectbox by programmatically?

Are you able to share your extension inside a CodeSandbox?

By the way:

Your question seems to be about older versions of bpmn-js-properties-panel. While we are always going to try to answer your questions to the best of our abilities, we encourage you to consider using the latest version of bpmn-js-properties-panel. It makes creating your own extensions a lot easier!

To get started with extending the properties panel check out this example: bpmn-js-properties-panel Extension Example. There is also a dedicated example for asynchronous data loading in a select.

Sorry, I can’t able to share the code because my code is highly customized. We create many custom elements. After debugging more in the code I found in method getFormControlValuesInScope of …/node_modules/bpmn-js-properties-panel/lib/PropertiesPanel.js file getting “undefined” value binding with selectbox.

If values are undefined then names also must have undefined. Where I’m wrong in the binding of values?