Drawing diagram

I have to make a bpmn diagram for this case, but I can’t, could you draw?

This is the case:

Step-by-step description of the process:

  1. The process starts with the purchase of the necessary ingredients such as cocoa beans, sugar, and milk powder. This is initiated by a Start Event.

  2. After the ingredients are purchased, they are transported to the factory where they are stored in a Data Store.

  3. The ingredients are then measured and weighed to get the correct ratio for the chocolate mix. This is the first activity in the process flow.

  4. The ingredients are mixed in a large mixer. This is the second activity in the process flow.

  5. The mixture is then heated and liquified. This is the third activity in the process flow.

  6. The liquid chocolate is poured into molds to make chocolate bars. This is the fourth activity in the process flow.

  7. After the chocolate has hardened, the bars are removed from the molds and placed in a temporary storage area. This is the fifth activity in the process flow.

  8. The chocolate bars are then wrapped in foil and placed in boxes. This is the sixth activity in the process flow.

  9. The packaged chocolate bars are checked for quality and then stored in a warehouse. This is the seventh activity in the process flow.

  10. When a customer places an order, the order is processed and the required amount of chocolate bars is taken from the warehouse. This is the eighth activity in the process flow.

  11. The chocolate bars are packed in a shipping box and prepared for shipment. This is the ninth activity in the process flow.

  12. The shipping boxes are then sent to the customer. This is the tenth and final activity in the process flow, ending with an End Event.

The process also includes an intermediate event where the chocolate is poured into molds and an XOR gateway to decide which molds are used for chocolate production. Additionally, the process contains two pools, namely the production department and the shipping department, with the production department containing two lanes.

Finally, the process includes the data perspective with a Data Store for storing the ingredients and a Data Object for the chocolate bars stored in the warehouse.

Please can you draw this diagram for me or send a photo or link where it is drawn. You would help me a lot.

Did ChatGPT come up with this? Sounds like a very simple process to me. What exactly are you having difficulties with?