Drag and Drop BPMN XML file to combine diagrams etc

Is there a way to drag and drop BPMN XML file to combine multiple diagrams. Right now the behavior is it clears the diagram. from what i see is it replaces the bpmn:Definitions of the currently loaded diagram.

There’s no such functionality in bpmn-js. You’d have to build it yourself.

can you give me a background on what modules will be affected for this build. or in anyway i can utilize the bpmn for tihs

The drag and drop functionality is not part of bpmn-js itself but of the bpmn.io demo. You wouldn’t necessarily have to change any of the existing modules but add new ones that implement the merging functionality.

is there a method to convert my xml string or definitions to shapes so i can utilize the copy paste approach on my target of combining diagrams

or anyway idea on how can i copy the result from .fromXML to paste on the current diagram.

A simple approach would be to import the new diagram into a second editor hidden and copy the created shapes and connections from there.

can you walk me through the modules that will be used for that approach

What did you understand about bpmn-js already? What is your background.

Well, right now i am extending the modeler to read the XML string, the return would be the definitions. i would to have the idea on how i can use the definitions to be added in my existing diagram.