Drag and Drop BPMN XML file to combine diagrams etc


Is there a way to drag and drop BPMN XML file to combine multiple diagrams. Right now the behavior is it clears the diagram. from what i see is it replaces the bpmn:Definitions of the currently loaded diagram.


There’s no such functionality in bpmn-js. You’d have to build it yourself.


can you give me a background on what modules will be affected for this build. or in anyway i can utilize the bpmn for tihs


The drag and drop functionality is not part of bpmn-js itself but of the bpmn.io demo. You wouldn’t necessarily have to change any of the existing modules but add new ones that implement the merging functionality.


is there a method to convert my xml string or definitions to shapes so i can utilize the copy paste approach on my target of combining diagrams


or anyway idea on how can i copy the result from .fromXML to paste on the current diagram.