Download as SVG ignores filters

Download as SVG ignores filters defined in drawPath. If I enable the filter in the below code, SVG is broken.

  function drawPath(p, d, attrs) {
    attrs = computeStyle(attrs, [ 'no-fill' ], {
      strokeWidth: 2,
      //filter : f,
      stroke: '#2e6da4'

Without filter:

SVG downloaded as:

With filter:

SVG downloaded as:

Is the filter definition still part of the exported SVG?

Yes the filter is exported too.

That means your viewer (whatever it is) does not recognize the filter attribute?

I doubt, since my I use my browser to build diagrams, download and view (Chrome v50)

Feel free to investigate this and provide a PR with a fix :wink:.

Sureā€¦ :wink: