Domain specific terminology and translation

As we have integrated into Drupal and see some significant traction from users picking this up, we experience some challenges in supporting this because the terminology of Drupal and are slightly different in some cases. Example: a task in is called an action in Drupal. Not a big deal, but an inconvenience.

I’m wondering if it were possible, that we injected domain-specific terms into the used libraries without having to fork them because the latter would eventually turn into a maintenance nightmare. If it were possible somehow, we could then even apply the Drupal-specific translation framework for frontend components, even within JavaScript.

Is that in any way possible or, if not, doable for future releases?

@jurgenhaas You could checkout bpmn-js-i18n for translation resources. The core library is fully translatable, and in cases where it is not we should add the missing translation support.

Translation from English (BPMN) to English (ECA) should be absolutely possible.

Thanks @nikku this is looking very good. Just for clarification: are you also calling the translate function for english? If so, we could then replace some of the strings with ours, right?

Yes, we do. The following should be absolutely possible.

Translation from English (BPMN) to English (ECA) should be absolutely possible.

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