Documentation / tutorial

Is there documentation / a tutorial on f.e. how to use the properties panel? I can use f.e. but this seems not an exact fit.

Hello @StefanHoutzager,

are you looking to integrate it ? You can check this example project and see how to use it with bpmn-js.


Thanks for your reply Ricardo,

I’m already using that project. What I’m looking for is exactly that what I asked for.

Regards, Stefan.


Could you please be more specific about what you mean with this:

how to use the properties panel

Is it using from modeling perspective or extending to use in own implementation?

Would element templates be something you are looking for?


Thanks for reaction Validimir,

The link you sent is certainly valuable! In the future I might want to extend the panel. For now I’m interested in the modeling perspective.

Reards, Stefan.

No user documentation for the properties panel yet.