Documentation (guide and/or reference) for diagram.js

I am looking for documentation on using the diagram.js libraries but appear to be having a hard time finding the documentation for either reference or guide. Can anyone assist with any links or other reading resources which would bootstrap me in understanding how to use the package?

Hi @kolban.

I have a few resources to share with you:

Unfortunately we do not maintain a full-featured guide on diagram-js standalone.

Thank you Nikku. Google Cloud has a relatively new product that they call “Workflows” … see:

On a pure whim, I was going to play around and see if I could tinker with a visual diagramming tool to describe and generate the YAML data describing a Workflows process. This took me to diagram-js. I had assumed that this would be the starting place as there is no relationship between GCP Workflows and BPMN and hence bpmn-js didn’t seem like the right place to start. As much as I’d like to play with diagram-js and GCP Workflows, I’m a big fan of documentation :slight_smile: … we don’t have a programming guide and reference for diagram-js usage then I don’t think I can use it. Again … many thanks for the response.