Do not drag flow lines

Is there any way to prohibit dragging flow lines


You can implement a Custom Rule Provider to prevent connection.updateWaypoints commands from being executed.

Please see this example:

In the example we provide a rule for shape.create instead.

In your custom rule logic, you’d just return false in any case.

Thank you for your reply。

I did , but it doesn’t work

import inherits from 'inherits';

import RuleProvider from 'diagram-js/lib/features/rules/RuleProvider';

 * A custom rule provider that decides what elements can be
 * dropped where based on a `vendor:allowDrop` BPMN extension.
 * See {@link BpmnRules} for the default implementation
 * of BPMN 2.0 modeling rules provided by bpmn-js.
 * @param {EventBus} eventBus
export default function CustomRules(eventBus) {, eventBus);

inherits(CustomRules, RuleProvider);

CustomRules.$inject = [ 'eventBus' ];

CustomRules.prototype.init = function() {
  this.addRule('connection.updateWaypoints', function(context) {
    return false;

Well, in your CustomRules.prototype.init you are actually blocking the main process by calling debugger. It could be nice if you removed it : )

CustomRules.prototype.init = function() {
  this.addRule('connection.updateWaypoints', function(context) {
    return false;

It doesn’t work :sob:

Could you demonstrate that with a CodeSandbox please:

You still need to inject your custom module into bpmn-js as an additional module: How to add additional modules to the Modeler?


link :


Thanks for the Sandbox, it was useful!

So I figured it out, all you need to do disable the BendPoints feature and you’re good to go. You don’t even need to create a custom rule.

Just add:

bendpoints: [ 'value', {} ]

to additionalModules when you are creating the bpmn-js instance.

Here’s the updated Sandbox:

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thank you so much.

it works

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how to disable move node ?

Could you explain what do you mean by a “move node”? Moving of any shape in general?

For new questions please open a new topic so others can find it.